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Baba Charlie

We are specialized in making variety of local Melaka Nyonya Kuih, serve Nyonya Cuisines and sell Local Melaka Products. We also cater food or offer premium kuih gifts for all events.

Donald & Lily
in Nyonya

The locals love many different dishes there, as they serve a variety of Nyonya food, but their most popular dishes are the Ayam Pongteh, Mee Siam and Tauhu Goreng. Their shop is small but definitely worth the visit, and their prices are reasonable.

Nando Chicken

Nando's Malaysia serves a menu selection which includes peri-peri flamed grilled chicken, burgers, pitas and wraps, salads, appeteasers, side dishes, kids' meals, beverages, hot drinks and desserts. Nando's Malaysia also provides delivery.

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